Wild Rides

Wild Rides at the KeyLime Cove Indoor Waterpark in Chicago

Kids who are a little taller (42” to 48” height requirements for these rides) as well as parents love the thrill of our Wild Rides. Guaranteed to get your pulse pounding and to put a smile on your face, our Wild Rides bring excitement to your waterpark experience through our KeyLime Cove attractions.

Hurricane Vortex

Experience a vortex of rushing water! The swirling whirlpool ride will sweep you away so we encourage you to grab a tube and hang on tight! (48” height requirement). At the end of your ride, you'll find yourself joining the relaxing current of the Lazy River.

Splash Down & Slip Slidin’ Away

These two giant body slides are each more than 500 feet long! With 1,000 feet of fun flowing right before your eyes, you don’t need a tube or raft of any kind — simply slide along on your own bottom! (48” height requirement).

Wahoo & Screaming Banshee

These two giant tube slides will have you screaming “wahoo” within seconds! Hop on and race around Lost Paradise Waterpark on your way to a splash-tastic lagoon but be sure to hold on tight! (48” height requirement or 42" while wearing a personal floatation device).